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train 1

Hello ladies, today I want to share with you my comfy outfit for occasions when I am in a rush and I feel kind of sporty –relaxed mood like today’s post.

Today I am wearing Stradivarius t-shirt with amazing logo IT IS WHAT IT IS… I really like logos I believe they wanna tell something to humanity we should pay more attention.
Black pencil skirt from Stradivarius too, for me perfect combination for any busy day full of stuff and still want to feel some style on you… for some reason black and green makes me happy so let’s go for it!!!


train 3train 4

train 5

And this is my real photographer… she is quite shy and wants to be anonymous so this is why she is hiding… too cute not to post it she is the amazing Booky.

Well we are in the middle of the week, yes we can… kisses to all of you!!!

train 6


Earrings: Peacocks old
T-shirt: Stradivarius ss14
Skirt: Stradivarius ss14
Bag: Harrods ss14
Flat sandals: Marypaz ss13

This is… Culotte summer

cullote 4

Good afternoon everyone!!
Today’s pictures were taken in one of my favourite corners of my neighbourhood it is so calm and inspiring, one of my secret places… well here temperatures are high I am trying to fight against it with the coolest outfits possible as the one I am showing today.

I have to admit that this outfit I wanna share with you today is very special for me for some reasons, I bought this absolute amazing shirt last month in London, in a vintage second hand market. It has unbelievable quality texture plus that colour full of power. This is the kind of garment I know will stay with me for long time.
What I can say about culottes… lovers and haters… I am on the first group darling!!!  They are more flattering that most of people believe and if you are not tall enough, you know… high heels are the key. They are cool and comfy for summer, what else do you need?
My last special item and most important of all are the sandals which were my first present when I arrived here one month ago and I will never forget them because of the personal meaning for me.
This fab Perspex clutch gave me some headache as I was looking for a while then stopped as couldn’t find it, finally when I was not looking… (so typical ) found it here in Athens in SALES!! Wohoooo YES!!!

Well ladies and gentleman, this is it for today!!!
Happy Tuesday xxx

cullote 1

cullote 2

cullote 3

cullote 5

cullote 6

cullote 7

cullote 8



Shirt: Vintage second hand market London

Culottes: Topshop ss14

Perspex clutch : Zara ss14

Sandals: Clark’s ss14


Black and white


Hello ladies, how is it going? For me these previous two months have been crazy as I have been moving to other country at the same time travelling to London to UAL for studying so now it is time to relax and start working in what I love… Fashion…
I wore this outfit at a wedding attended last week , as you can see is the perfect dress for a wedding as it is smart and casual at the same time ( what I am always trying!!! )
Black and White is always a YES for a wedding, elegant and discrete.
I founded this cutie piece at Topshop London in Oxford Street and I was amazed when I just tried on, so soft… this kind of silky touch and really flatters your body.
Here in Greece the heat is an issue for me, I am used to Spain that is not so strong so sometimes is quite a dilemma what to wear but I will find out with the time what suits me better at these high temperatures of the year.
Thanks so much for following, I will continue posting periodically from now on,
Kisses from Athens and stay tuned ladies xxx






Dress: Topshop ss14
Sunglasses: Prada ss13
Bag: Unknown and priceless… my grandma
Stilettos: Michael Kors aw14

Around Brick Lane Cool hunting London part 2


Hello everybody, today I would like to continue showing my experience around London, particularly on this occasion Brick Lane one of the strongest influences of Arts and Culture at the moment.


It is the perfect place and environment for whenever you feel the urge of research sources for any kind of art work you make.
From photography to design or just enjoying this creative area of London.

cool 1


Brick Lane is full of vintage shops and markets where you can take a lot of advantage finding real worthy pieces and materials for very good prices. It will surprise you, believe me!!


Not only clothes and materials as well you can be tempted with some vintage furniture like this one I was totally in love, unfortunately I was not in the proper situation to take decoration stuff at this time, probably next one sure!!


There is a huge vintage movement at the moment and I have to say is so inspiring if you are studying any kind of arts, I just love it!!




If you are blogging about street style or photographer this is your place to find the latest trends, I recommend a shopping route around Brick Lane you will absolute enjoy it.
Obligatory visit to Blitz big vintage store where I picked some clothes really nice and cheap, worth to have a look and don’t forget also Rough Trade East Records for records you will love it

For today this is my story friends, will come up with something else in the next few days!!!
Happy Friday xxx

COOL HUNTING FASHION – UAL University of the Arts London Central Saint Martins

This kind of course is fast paced something I particularly love as you need to be creative at all times, not too much time to think.
This Cool hunting summer course has exceeded my expectations, I decided to join this course to improve my professional career and now I know I did the right thing.
The tutor Daniella Bomba is such an inspiring and creative person, you never have enough of her talking and explaining how this market works, it is amazing when you get to know it from inside.
I highly recommend this course, I have gained knowledge and understanding of the fashion world from another view and of course just being there in UAL automatically opens your eyes to another creative and art vision.
The relaxing areas cannot be better, everything you need is around, cafeterias, canteen, restaurants and also some daytime food kiosks with anything you fancy from Indian to Thai food or icecream.

Special mention to restaurant Caravan very special and sophisticated menus surrounded with a new decoration trend based on industrial aesthetic as it used to be a farm.



Something that took my attention from day two about this amazing place is that every morning when I arrive to school I found out that decoration and expositions have totally changed!! Amazing, after that day I realised this is how they work, honestly this school cannot be more challenging and encouraging for creative minds which need an extra push to be able to see further.
This is the Central Saint Martins Degree Show









Central Saint Martins College
Granary Building, 1 Granary Square
King’s Cross
London, N1C 4AA United Kingdom