Friday 13th

Just trying to going through Friday 13th !!

What a surprise receiving my Lush box in 24 hours with no extra charge!! I highly recommend them for online shopping as unfortunately I do not have any store around…

What can I say about these products, I will start with Montalbano, a solid shampoo that really helps me with my greasy roots, and lovely lemon scent.

For all my life I have been using Estee Lauder and Khiels night serum, until I tried Full of Grace, of course in a totally different format as it is a soap, but way way better than traditional serum.

I also wanted to give a try to a non-conventional toothpaste ( trying to avoid fluoride to be honest ) so I came up with these toothy tabs called Dirty

Same benefits regarding my beloved solid deodorant Aromaco it REALLY works for 24 hours and I do exercise often, so yes it is safe 😉

9 to 5 make up remover, delicious smell and healthy glowing skin after applying, a jewel in my bathroom.

Plus a couple of freebies included in the box, a body cream & hair conditioner, lovely.

Anyone has tried or currently using Lush products? – Would love your feedback!!

Have a great weekend all

Nebellos xx

Just started!!

As you all well know, it is very important for me to select some items at the period of sales and honestly this time I did not shop around last Sunday when Sales started. I am going to wait a couple of weeks when prices get really reduced ( wink )

Yesterday though I had to go to Primark to exchange a lovely dress that was broken -sniff- and could not find other similar… Popped in Pull & Bear and found one of my all time favourite scents: Potion 🙂 reminds me something and not sure what but I love it… cedar wood and ambar, so delicious especially now in Summer.

It was 30% off so I am quite happy with my purchase

PD- Earrings from Accesorize ss18

Have a lovely Hump day
Nebellos xx

W7 Pillow talk

Hi girls!! Just found it funny how the other day I was looking for veeeeeeeery specific that is a super matte lipstick as I do not like shine at all in my lips.

So I went to Primor store as apparently they have everything you can imagine ( they do 😉 )

My first instict was to look for my stuff by myself as I must admit this is what I always do, but sometimes like this day in particular I was feeling quite heavy so decided to ask for asssitance.

Primor lady went on and on saying I wil not find that “chalky finish” I was looking for, and after showing me all the glowy glossy stuff they have I just decided to follow my heart!!

And only then I discovered what I have been looking for moths, and it is a lovely and very cheap brand

Happy to find out I can find it here next to work, even if they do not have all products.

The one I am so excited about is called W7 Pillow talk and is literally like you are using eye shadow in your lips so if you like the super matte and chalk feeling that´s for you.

And this is all for today, I am preparing a photoshoot for this week and you are always welcomed for any enquiry regarding Personal shopping. I am currently working in a Shopping route for La Cañada shopping mall.


Beautiful Brows

Beautiful Brows kit


Today I wanna talk to you about something I am very excited about, my new Beautiful Brows kit for definition, colour and shape. In case you like super defined brows like I do I highly recommend this product, it is amazing how it works and the final celebrity look.

Beautiful Brows kit

Beautiful Brows kit

As you can see inside of the kit you can find the brow colour with its special brush, they have 3 different colours in my case I chose the grey one. It includes also tweezers in case you need it during the proccess of shaping.
One of the things I most liked is the Highlighter powder as you can use it to finish your creation adding more light to the top of the brow or down as it suits you better.
Then the most important part are the three eyebrow shapes, believe me you can use all of them and still look natural.

This product is some sort of new, so if you wanna find it you can order it from here the official website

I was very lucky to find it in Gibraltar at Seruya Stores with great tax discount if you have the chance to be around too.

Happy Friday my friends, and do not hesitate to make me any questions about this great product and how to use it 🙂
Love, Nebellos xxx

Korres skincare

korres skin care wild rose

Hi there!!! How is it going? For me quite excited as I am following all fashion shows day by day from New York Fashion week, time stops every time I start watching… omg!! Cannot wait for Wednesday and Thursday as Del Pozo and Marc Jacobs are showing their collections plus too many others… Of course I am preparing my review 🙂
korres skin care wild rose

What I want to share today with you is my new line products for skincare Korres, I cannot be happier as here for being local brand is a lot cheaper and the quality is amazing.
Only natural products are used on their products, you can check here.
I have started using the Wild rose line skincare and I must admit after trying loads of different types of creams with this one I feel my skin plenty of light and that silky touch we all like, click here for Eye cream.

This is my beauty review for today I hope you enjoy and encourage you to give a try in case you don’t know what to buy next 😉

Have a lovely day,
Nebellos xxx

Not your mother’s Hair care

Hair care

Hair care

Today I would like to talk about this amazing american brand which has a full range of hair products for different needs and occasions.

I must admit the one I fell in love with was the Beach Babe as you can have everyday beach style locks with no effort leaving your hair sexy, matte and full of beach waves.

This product is infused with natural dead sea salt giving you that surfer look we all like in Summer.

She’s a tease is the product for women like me with no too much hair volume, this spray is infused with apple blossom and bamboo giving you that volume we all like with no humidity at all.

Beat the heat is the product that conditions and protects your hair before using blow dryer or hair iron, leaving it perfect and no damage after finishing. Infused with sunflower and vitamin A+E, just lovely!!

Hair care

Smooth moves for an out of control hair, this is the frizz control hair cream that will keep your hair straight and perfect. Its formula is coconut and silk extracts.

Hair care

Way to grow this is the product for stronger, healthier and longer hair. Especially for treated and damaged hair, you will see the difference. It is recommended for all hair types.

Hair care

Kinky moves this is the curl defining hair cream of this range. It encourages your natural curls and eliminates frizz creating the perfect defined curls. Infused with Grape seed and jasmine.

I am absolutely in love with these range of products, everything attracts me mainly quality and design so important now a days.

It is becoming very popular in USA and good news are we will have delivery soon for Europe, now you can only order these products from Amazon.

What do you think of these amazing selection?