Why do I love Fridays?!

Things why I love Friday:

– Found my favourite Pukka tea next door + Tahini sauce after two weeks!!!

– Finally opened my box of British Rose Body shop soaps and smells amaaaaaaaaaazing, new favourite 🙂

*By the way almost two weeks caffeine free, can´t believe I made it!! – Have a great weekend all

Nebellos xx

Feeling Home

I just can´t believe how cold it is at the moment! The only thing that keeps me alive is to think of warmer days, keep my diary and plans up to date and keep myself busy with my weekly inspirations.
You all know very well how much I like pyjamas like this one from Asceno, I would wear it everyday to go to every single place!!


I also love these slippers? from Sea of Shoes, I know she might get a cold, but oh so stylist!! And yes, I would use it for going out too 🙂


Finally I would also like to express one of my latest obssesions, of course Zara and the new lookbook, it ´s so etnic I love it!! – And the way I see it it is a lot of pyjama style too!! It is taking me back to this kind of summer stylish home wear kind of atmosphere…

So, yes I think I will spend my moneys in this new Zara season, once again Inditex provides everything we need with a lot of style. Here is the lookbook 😉




Nebellos xx

Sales post

Hola chicas, llegando al final del verano me gusta repasar lo mejor que me he encontrado y lo que ( claro que si ) me he quedado : )  He hecho esta selección, todo de Asos de mi último pedido.

Creo que Septiembre es la mejor época para comprar vestidos, ya que el precio es razonable y además todavia te queda tiempo para ponértelo, asi que ahí lleváis algunas propuestas, sobre todo con spoilers de la próxima temporada que es lo que siempre ocurre al final de cada colección, no es más que el comienzo de la siguiente 

Éste de arriba es de Unique 21 por £20

Me encanta este con corte y sudadera arriba de Asos en cuando lo vi ya que me recordó a uno que vi a principio de temporada en Zara y la verdad no me lo quedé porque lo vi muy caro para lo que es, ahora éste a £22

Cualquiera que me conozca sabe que éste es muy muy yo, y me lo voy a poner hasta regastarlo jaja… lo tiene todo, animal print, lace y mucho rollo de Asos también y £16.50

No estoy segura en qué situación voy a llevar este vestido lo que si sé es que la textura me encanta, ya que tuve anteriormente uno de Club L y la verdad, la calidad es espectacular. Yo me lo quedo y ya veremos… spoiler… esas mangas de dinosaurio las vamos a ver mucho. Éste me ha salido por £22

Ya por último, me había quedado todo el verano con las ganas de un vestidito de gingham, y al final lo he encontrado, espero sacarle partido, me encanta la marca también y sé que me va a durar bastante,  de River Island £31.50


Bueno chicas, me despido, hoy he escrito en español porque me ha salido asi, jeje.

Cualquier consulta o sugerencia aqui, o en facebook 🙂


Nebellos xx

Mi costa de la luz 2

Good evening and happy weekend to everyone!!

Today after a few days super busy I am feeling like posting some artstreet pics from Tarifa in Playa Los Lances.

Also special mention to a lovely dinner I had in El Escondite de Conil, absolutely magic place I was lucky to encounter in my last trip to the town.


C/ Herreria 11, Conil de la Frontera


This is the outfit I chose for that night, wearing a black jumpsuit from Baciotarifa and cute mini bag also from there.


c/ Batalla del salado 7, Tarifa 


During the day I was delighted to find these beautiful sunflowers, of course the blogger picture was an obligation!!




Nebellos xx

Mi costa de la luz


I would like to go around today my favourite places around the Cádiz coast, this fist one here an old classic – Café Azul for super breakfast and also light lunch, well… brunch… Special mention to ice latte machiato and of course lovely smothies and milkshakes. All this together with a very andalusian decoration and chilled atmosphere, a must in Tarifa.  C/ Batalla del Salado 8



If you want a very special experience you need to go to The Riad hostel, where every room is different and you may even find yourself in the Hamman room, something like sleeping in a sauna : ) Highly recomended,  caring staff + delicious and healthy breakfast up in the terrace with best of Tarifa town views.  C/Comendador, 10

There is a tiny bar in Playa de Los Lances that I love, it is called Stoked Surf bar and is full of healthy choices + cool enviroment.  Salmorejo & goat cheese salad was really good, prices are reasonable too!!

I will be back with a few more places from last couple of weeks 😉 

Love, Nebellos

Let’s talk about…

Lovely Jessa

Girl’s episode 4, Jessa is looking amazing with THESE LOOPS, are they back? don’t know… love them 🙂


silver bag

This, yes… spotted few weeks ago in Puerto Banús. Original from Chanel

via aliexpress.com


I am lately more and more inspired by pyjamas as I feel confident and comfy at the same time not losing a bit of style 😉 TIP- Oysho never dissapoints, most of my wardrobe pieces are right now from here!


The SKIRT is back, and we cannot be more happy… gracias Pinko Official


Another pyjama piece I like to have on my wardrobe for a few seasons now, this one from Zara has everything I need.


Let’s finish this post with a very retro but also very new image, photoshoot in 1980 Philosophy Official . Absolutely in love with these earings!!

This is all for today, coming up with new stories and there is a new event in my facebook page 🙂



Nebellos x


Términos y condiciones

1- La fecha del evento será notificada a la ganadora del evento y puede ser acordada a conveniencia de ambas.
2- Debes tener 18 años o mayor para participar en esta promoción.
3- Sólo para la zona de Gibraltar, Cádiz y Málaga.
4- En caso de que tengamos que desplazarnos a algún lugar para el hacer la ruta de shopping no me importa conducir pero la gasolina debe ser aportada por la ganadora 😉
5- Nos encontraremos primero para una entrevista personal para yo saber que desea la clienta conseguir con esta experiencia.
6- Los gastos diarios durante los servicios de estilismo y shopping correrán a cargo de ambas y lo arreglaremos entre nosotras.
7- La ganadora del sorteo debe tener pensando un presupuesto personal para gastar, dependiendo de lo que pueda permitirse haremos un servicio u otro, shopping de nueva temporada o análisis de armario por ejemplo, esto es algo a discreción de la clienta.
8- Debes mandar tu dirección de correo electrónico a belen@nebellos.com con tu nombre usado en facebook, edad y domicilio sino tu participación no será válida.
9- Esta promoción es sólo para mujeres.


Terms and Conditions

1- The date of the event will be notified to the winner of the giveaway and can be arranged between both.
2- You must be 18 or over to participate in this promotion.
3- Only for Gibraltar, Cádiz and Málaga area.
4 – In case we need to day trip some place I do not mind to drive but petrol will be provided by the lucky winner 😉
5- We will meet first time for a personal interview for me to be able to know what exactly you want from this experience.
6 – Daily expenses during the Fashion styling and shopping route will be arranged between both of us.
7- Winner of the promotion must have a budget on how much she can afford and spend, depending the amount we will decide together what to go for, for example full new season shopping or wardrobe analysis, this is something personal up to the customer.
8- You must send your email address to belen@nebellos.com with your name used in facebook, age and address if not your participation will not be valid.
9- This promotion is only for women.

GOOD LUCK!!!! xxx