Color analysis: After this analysis we will find out which are your colors and shades depending on your skin tone and genes, this will determine the way you will choose your colors in the future and combine them and your will realize how important this knowledge is for achieving your own style.

Morphological analysis: This analysis let us know which is your kind of shape according to your morphology, helping you to find out which are the kind of clothes suitable for you highlighting the best of you and neutralizing those difficult areas we all have.

Wardrobe review: After this review I can see what you currently have, what you use and you stopped using. Recycle existing garments,  I can pick some items ready to be taken for alterations. Knowing you, your lifestyle,  self-image, teaching you what works and not. We will create a new wardrobe with only flattering garments and personal outfits for you. I will give you all necessary tips for organizing your wardrobe in the future.

Fund Wardrobe: Every fund wardrobe is different because depends in your own lifestyle. After the initial assessment I will make a list of your basics according to your daily routine and events taking place on your life. When we create a fund wardrobe we are looking for basic timeless high quality  garments as this is a selection that should last forever showing your own and personal style.

Visagism: This analysis studies the forms and volumes of your face and hair to enhance its features, highlights the benefits and neutralize blemish.


Shopping route: I will plan and research our shopping route in advance according to your needs, lifestyle and personality. The most important part of this experience is you achieving your goal having fun at the same time, learning new shopping habits, new shopping areas to go and last but not least… finding your own style, the one and only that will stay with you and will make you feel brand new.

Seasonal Trend Analysis: Every season we must face new fashion trends which are going so fast lately that sometimes look impossible to be fashion updated. I will help you to find your own latest trend based in your own style giving you tips in how to combine and recycle garments you forgot about. Together we can update your wardrobe every season with the latest trends.


Customer Report: This is essential if you want to keep track of our whole service as this is the report about you, including full advise based in your own style. I will create and display different kind of outfits that may be suitable and helpful for you in your daily life.

Gift cards: Gift cards are always available if you wish to give away a very special gesture with a member of your family or friend. Special packages prices depending on your needs and the service your would like to,  like a full Image consulting or Shopping route.

*At first instance I will conduct an initial assessment and lifestyle queries trying to discover which is your current image and which adjustments I should take over.

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