Around Kerameikos

El cartel at Kerameikos

Graffiti around Kerameikos

All these pictures were taken at Kerameikos an ancient neighbourhood at the heart of the center of Athens. It is very well known for its ancient cementery and beautiful surroundings full of sculptures and history.
As you can see perfect also to take some inspiration and great pics, there is a lot of Street Art around it.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did… Welcome to Kerameikos!!!

graffiti cat at Kerameikos

graffiti girl at Kerameikos

balcony workshop at Kerameikos

ruins at Kerameikos

El cartel at Kerameikos

graffiti at Kerameikos

Acropolis from Kerameikos

Real cat at Kerameikos

Argentina graffiti

graffiti at the park

cool graffiti at Kerameikos

Happy Wednesday 🙂
Nebellos xxx