My Photography Inspiration

Mark Kean

Today I want to share with you my top Inspirational Fashion and Art Photographers, first one on my list Mark Kean so proud to have learnt from him, guided me through my own photography work with inspiration and concepts at London College of Fashion last summer, he is just amazing here is some of his work:

Edie YSL

Helix magazine

Lana del Rey

Rita Ora

Bruce Weber for me is… peace and madness at the same time…

Chloe Sevigny italian vogue

Sasha frech Vogue

Stella McCartney Vogue England

the art of persuasion

I am fully inspired by Corinne Day, I am on the same moodboard when creating a story, absolute love her work.

Purple 05

Vogue Italy 03

Vogue Nippon 05

Vogue Nippon 06

Vogue Nippon 07

Vogue uk 06

Vogue uk- 06

Vogue uk 07

Cristina Otero
the young spanish artirst creates on me random feelings from strenght to hopeless…





I can see David Sims artwork is clean and tidy creating some kind of fantasy at the same time, for me is flawless.

Alexander Mcqueen Vogue US 08

Edie Campbell

Isabeli Fontana

Karlie Kloss

Vogue US 15

Nick Knight photography is all about colour and expression, with a bit of darkness a the same time 😉

lady gaga 2010




Willy Vanderperre is… just my type!!! I am totally in love and connected with his art work, here my favourite shoots.

Carolina Herrera 15

Garage mag 14

W mag 14

W magazine 14

W magazine 15

Photography is all about concept and atmosphere creating the right moodboard for the kind of photoshoot.
I usually mixed up everything I got in my head at the moment… haha I can create a nightmare or an absolute beautiful creation 🙂

Lots of love xxx


Christmas around Gib










Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!!!! Love, Nebellos xxx

Santa Costume: BHS
Elf jumper: H&M

My absolutely amazing special guest: Vanessa Serrano 😉

Prephotoshoot day 2 at LCF


Today I want to share more pics from my prephoshoot session where I include my own photography for my Styling Editorial Work with my lovely model Francesca Pinna.












I hope you like them, love xxx Nebellos


Shepherds bush market

During my first week at school I was visiting almost everyday this lovely and cute market the Shepherds Bush Market very near to LCF Uni and where I was living too. I really enjoyed eating around the area and I got used to it more and more… I love the colors and the mix of everything… hope you like my capture!!

cremalleras at Shepherds bush market

fabrics at Shepherds Bush Market

Very important for me these textile and fabrics really good quality and price, so special and beautiful!! Very useful for ideas and inspiration

moonwalk at shepherds bush market

sky at shepherds bush market

dry fish at shepherds bush market

glam rubbish at shepherds bush market

only for men at shepherds bush market

mosque at shepherds bush market

pintura at shepherds bush market

petshop at shepherds bush market

lovely cat at shepherds bush market

Absolute cute garden next to my hotel, just loved it!!!


I wish you a very nice week and love xxx

Somerset House Cool hunting London V


Somerset House

Today I decided to publish my last post from London Coolhunting at Central Saint Martins. These pictures were taken at Somerset House a place to get lost…
This is a very important cultural centre with guided tours, exhibitions and library where I picked my latest books!!
Somerset House is also hosting London Fashion week from 2009 plus Fashion exhibitions as Showstudio:fashion revolution, very interesting visit if you are around London.
I wanna share with you the exhibition at the time I was there, Return of the Rudeboy… (amazing!!!)


Nebellos xxx








nebellos at Somerset house

somerset library

somerset library

somerset house

somerset house

Somerset House Trust
Strand London WC2R 1LA

Let’s get banged!!

If you are debating whether to get banged or not, I am sure you should do it babe!! It is such a madness right now that Bangs salons are arising in New York and L.A..
It is official bangs are back… I am sooo happy about it, as it is my favorite ever hair style is such a powerful statement trend.
Today in this inspirational post I wanna share with you my favorite options if you decide to do it. There are too many different from very dramatic to more delicate fringe.
Of course is important to analyse the shape of your face, depending if is oval, long, square or round you should try a different one.
I hope you get inspired and decide if you go for it or not, for me… it is a must right now I cannot wait!!!












I hope you like my selection, Happy Bangs!!

Nebellos xxx

Source: Pinterest

This is… Culotte summer

cullote 4

Good afternoon everyone!!
Today’s pictures were taken in one of my favourite corners of my neighbourhood it is so calm and inspiring, one of my secret places… well here temperatures are high I am trying to fight against it with the coolest outfits possible as the one I am showing today.

I have to admit that this outfit I wanna share with you today is very special for me for some reasons, I bought this absolute amazing shirt last month in London, in a vintage second hand market. It has unbelievable quality texture plus that colour full of power. This is the kind of garment I know will stay with me for long time.
What I can say about culottes… lovers and haters… I am on the first group darling!!!  They are more flattering that most of people believe and if you are not tall enough, you know… high heels are the key. They are cool and comfy for summer, what else do you need?
My last special item and most important of all are the sandals which were my first present when I arrived here one month ago and I will never forget them because of the personal meaning for me.
This fab Perspex clutch gave me some headache as I was looking for a while then stopped as couldn’t find it, finally when I was not looking… (so typical ) found it here in Athens in SALES!! Wohoooo YES!!!

Well ladies and gentleman, this is it for today!!!
Happy Tuesday xxx

cullote 1

cullote 2

cullote 3

cullote 5

cullote 6

cullote 7

cullote 8



Shirt: Vintage second hand market London

Culottes: Topshop ss14

Perspex clutch : Zara ss14

Sandals: Clark’s ss14


Around Brick Lane Cool hunting London part 2


Hello everybody, today I would like to continue showing my experience around London, particularly on this occasion Brick Lane one of the strongest influences of Arts and Culture at the moment.


It is the perfect place and environment for whenever you feel the urge of research sources for any kind of art work you make.
From photography to design or just enjoying this creative area of London.

cool 1


Brick Lane is full of vintage shops and markets where you can take a lot of advantage finding real worthy pieces and materials for very good prices. It will surprise you, believe me!!


Not only clothes and materials as well you can be tempted with some vintage furniture like this one I was totally in love, unfortunately I was not in the proper situation to take decoration stuff at this time, probably next one sure!!


There is a huge vintage movement at the moment and I have to say is so inspiring if you are studying any kind of arts, I just love it!!




If you are blogging about street style or photographer this is your place to find the latest trends, I recommend a shopping route around Brick Lane you will absolute enjoy it.
Obligatory visit to Blitz big vintage store where I picked some clothes really nice and cheap, worth to have a look and don’t forget also Rough Trade East Records for records you will love it

For today this is my story friends, will come up with something else in the next few days!!!
Happy Friday xxx