Saint Martins week outfits

 Bershka tshirt ss16 Stravidarius black ripped jeans fw 16
Bershka tshirt ss16
Stravidarius black ripped jeans fw 16
 Bershka cotton dress ss16
Bershka cotton dress ss16
 Vintage tshirt  Stradivarius mom jeans ss16
Vintage tshirt
Stradivarius mom jeans ss16
 Beyond Retro vintage white dress
Beyond Retro vintage white dress
 H&M Necklace, dress and sandals ss16
H&M Necklace, dress and sandals ss16

These were my daily looks during my week at school this year, I continue posting the next few days about the course and other stuff 馃槈

Hope you like it, have a good week

Love, Nebellos x

Me… Dark?

Olga GM

Many days I am not posting, today I wanna share one of my favorite photoshoots from my time in Barcelona. My faboulous friend and model Olga GM. Enjoy!!

Olga GM

Olga GM

Olga GM

Olga GM

Olga GM

Olga GM

Olga GM

Olga GM

Olga GM

Olga GM

Olga GM

Olga y Kiwi

Prephotoshoot day 2 at LCF


Today I want to share more pics from my prephoshoot session where I include my own photography for my Styling Editorial Work with my lovely model Francesca Pinna.












I hope you like them, love xxx Nebellos

Crazy Styling day

la turista

Today I have got some amazing pics from one of my first days at LCF School where we were invited to do all kind of crazy styling, as you can see it was really fun!! Just a preview of the whole day outdoors and inside… lovely


random 2

Bella Alessandra

Bellisima Alessandra



Brazilian girl

Brazilian girl

crazy me

Crazy me

eyes and mouth


Lovely Helen

Lovely Helen Majkowski

oh god

oh god 2

Thank you for following and I am glad to share it with you all,

Love… Nebellos xxx

Christmassy Feeling

abercombrie and fitch christmas jumper

Christmas jumper from Topshop

Hi all!! I know we are all busy preparing parties and planning menus, but we should make some space for shopping, I mean Christmas auto-gift shopping!!! Yeahhh, I could not refrain myself of sharing with you one of my favourite stuff at this time of the year, Christmas jumpers. I love how they create a cozy atmosphere when you are chilling at home drinking your favorite drink, mine eggnog, recently discovered!!!

Here is my selection of the ones I liked more. This first one is from Topshop and it is only 鈧32 as it is on sales now.

abercombrie and fitch christmas jumper

This absolute amazing is from Abercombrie and Fitch 鈧82.26
New Look Sequin Reindeer Jumper

What about this fantastic Sequin reindeer jumper? From New Look also on sales 鈧22.86
wildfox Sweatshirt With Christmas Reindeer Print
I love this sweatshirt with reindeer prints, a bit more pricey but sure worth it, Wildfox 鈧141.43
vintage christmas jumper by Nebellos
There is a vintage feeling in this one that I love, very special jumper from Vintage 鈧24.90

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!!

Nebellos xxx

Around Kerameikos

El cartel at Kerameikos

Graffiti around Kerameikos

All these pictures were taken at Kerameikos an ancient neighbourhood at the heart of the center of Athens. It is very well known for its ancient cementery and beautiful surroundings full of sculptures and history.
As you can see perfect also to take some inspiration and great pics, there is a lot of Street Art around it.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did… Welcome to Kerameikos!!!

graffiti cat at Kerameikos

graffiti girl at Kerameikos

balcony workshop at Kerameikos

ruins at Kerameikos

El cartel at Kerameikos

graffiti at Kerameikos

Acropolis from Kerameikos

Real cat at Kerameikos

Argentina graffiti

graffiti at the park

cool graffiti at Kerameikos

Happy Wednesday 馃檪
Nebellos xxx

Back to School

Bershka shirt, levi's vintage shorts, aftershock bag and emonk boots

Colorful outfit

Hello!! Finally Friday!! It was a matter of time I started my Greek lessons as I am staying here to live and I am looking forward to speak the language of my new place. Of course there is no problem with the English language to communicate here but I am willing to speak the official one.
For today I am wearing a very colorful outfit as I am feeling happy and excited about my new challenge, love these shorts Levi’s vintage I bought from Blitz last June in London.

I wish you all a lovely Friday and happy Weekend!!
Nebellos xxx

Bershka shirt, levi's vintage shorts and emonk boots

Bershka shirt, vintage levi's shorts and emonk boots

Bershka shirt, levi's vintage shorts and Aftershock bag

Bershka shirt, levi's vintage shorts, aftershock bag and emonk boots

Emonk Ibiza boots

Shirt: Bershka aw13
Necklace: Miss sixty ss12
Shorts: Levi’s vintage
Bag: Aftershock ss13
Watch: Ice watches ss12
Boots: Emonk Ibiza ss14

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Somerset House Cool hunting London V


Somerset House

Today I decided to publish my last post from London Coolhunting at Central Saint Martins. These pictures were taken at Somerset House a place to get lost…
This is a very important cultural centre with guided tours, exhibitions and library where I picked my latest books!!
Somerset House is also hosting London Fashion week from 2009 plus Fashion exhibitions as Showstudio:fashion revolution, very interesting visit if you are around London.
I wanna share with you the exhibition at the time I was there, Return of the Rudeboy… (amazing!!!)


Nebellos xxx








nebellos at Somerset house

somerset library

somerset library

somerset house

somerset house

Somerset House Trust
Strand London WC2R 1LA



One of the magic things I love about London is that you can time travel whenever you want like visiting Shoreditch and its shops is more than vintage its coming back to the 50鈥檚, 60鈥檚, 70鈥檚 and 80鈥檚.

Every corner has something magic and gives that feeling of continuing exploring. Beautiful atmosphere for creating and get some ideas.








The Albion is a wonderful place to have afternoon tea, all kind of pastries, cakes, and also homemade menus with reasonable prices in perfect environment. Perfect place to get inspired and work like for example鈥 blogging!!



At Shoreditch High St. you can find House of Hackney if you fancy some very special and luxury items for your house or some pieces of garments like pyjamas. I recommend this visit as the aesthetic of the shop is worth it.


This is all for today, have a lovely day
Nebellos xxx